Emotional Athyachaar

Being in love is what everybody is in love with now-a days. Love has lost it’s meaning and has become synonymous with Emotional Athyachaar ….. Well, I’m not here to preach. But I’m here because this is one place I can think aloud without worrying about what people might say …. if someone really wants to contradict or criticise …. remember, these are MY thoughts [not yours] and THIS IS MY BLOG [not yours] !

Not all love stories have happy endings. Logically speaking , when love ends, how can that be a happy ending ? So, when love’s still alive there is nothing such as an ending …. the end comes when the love seems to be dead. Genuine Love never dies.

When I say Genuine , I mean it’s not one of the kinds I’ve mentioned below. I solemnly declare that the points mentioned below DO hold strong resemblances to people living ….[none dead yet] !

• Lets talk about one highly egoistic guy I know. He’s quite over confident that there’s no girl he can’t flatter and no one who would’nt fall for him. One girl, his friend, during a casual conversation, told him that no one can impress her easily and that she is very rigid and would never fall for any guy. This is where it all began…. he decided he would make that girl fall for him at any cost …. not at all because he is interested in her but only because he thought he would never fail to impress any girl and this was a challenge to him. He started to woo the girl in all ways possible. Called her sweet names,dedicated poems to her, phoned or messaged her numerous times in a day, told her how he wanted his wife to be…..which bore high resemblances to her. Though he never said anything directly to the girl, he tried to make it seem obvious that he was in love with her. The girl never reacted to any of this but she wasn’t dumb not to take the hints he gave her. Initially, the girl did not want to hurt his feelings by trying to be indifferent but gradually his extremely flirtarious behaviour compelled her to decide that she had to tell him that she wasn’t interested in him that way. And when she did, he said “Hey, You are a friend ! What made you think I was interested in you that way ? Whatever, you think , I was hinting wasn’t that way at all ! I said all that for you because you are a good friend ! But yes, there might be one reason for you to assume that way – I guess you are in Love with me and that made you think like this. Well, I’m sorry, you are just a friend …. I’m not in Love with you !”. The girl told him what she felt, that it was heights of hypocrisy. She ended up losing her trust in Men and this guy lost a beautiful friendship ….

• The second story …. A typical ‘girl meets boy in college’ story. In short – boy stares at girl, girl doesn’t notice. Boy stares more, girl notices but acts like she didn’t. Boy stares even more and girl doesn’t like it. This story wouldn’t have been in blog entry if the boy , who knew that the girl doesn’t like him, stopped staring. He didn’t and additionally even started harassing her. He would go around telling everyone that the girl is his girlfriend. When this talk got to the girl she was annoyed but did not want to react. Boy starts telling people more elaborately about the dates he had with his girl, which, in reality, never happened. Would take photos of the girl secretly on mobile and post them as over the web, tagging her as the ‘queen of his heart’. It makes me wonder, ‘WHAT WAS HE THINKING ?’ !!!!!! Did he expect to win over the girl by harassing her ? Or did he think that this is all a bollywood movie and whatever happens, the heroine would come to the hero in the end. Can a girl ever fall in love with someone who had subjected her to Emotional Athyachaar ?

• This one’s for all the guys who are infuriated that I haven’t talked about any bad girls yet. Ever heard of one being subjected to Emotional Athyachaar and not even realizing it ? Well, here we go …….

I wanted to slap her in the face when she giggled and said “My mom didn’t even know”, but stopped only because a slap would not help her. She had just told me that her mom came home at the wrong time and she was almost caught with her boyfriend, who her mom didn’t know. She said she had cleverly lied that he was her senior at college with whom she was working on a project and her mom didn’t know she was lying at all. She went on about how trusting her mom is and how she did not doubt anything at all.
Couple of years since this happened and till date I don’t know whom to pity ,
The betrayed trusting mom OR The Secret Boy friend who was dumped later OR The series of Boy friends who came next and didn’t know about the other boyfriends OR The girl herself for making me write this about her.

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